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Sell Your Life Insurance

We believe every transaction has a pulse, and every relationship has a soul. That is why we hold ourselves personally accountable for working in your best interest. When you choose Southeast Life Settlements to sell your life insurance policy, you can rest assured that you will get the highest return possible.

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Policy Owners

I own a life insurance policy. I want to learn about my options to sell and how much my policy is worth.

Financial Professionals

I have a client who wants to sell their life insurance policy, and I want to learn more about assisting them.

Life Insurance Policies are Assets

“I was planning on working well into my seventies, and I had no reason to think about my life insurance as anything other than proceeds my wife would receive upon my death. Now I know that the sale of those policies will allow my family to weather the crisis presented by my disabilities. My working life is over, but I can use the time I have left to effectively manage my financial affairs and get things in good order for my wife.” -Ed P.

Life Insurance Policies are a powerful asset. Ed was vibrant, healthy, and busy making deals two years ago. Then he suffered a stroke at his Missouri home. Not everyone gets an opportunity to plan and execute an orderly disposition of their financial affairs in advance of a life insurance claim. Exercising a life settlement option allowed Ed to do just that.

There are many benefits to selling your policy to the right buyer. If you can no longer afford to pay your premiums, or if your life insurance needs have changed, then selling your policy is a great option for you. Southeast Life Settlements wants to reduce your time and costs. We present the life settlement process in a secure, transparent, and efficient way.