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Bringing Honesty and Transparency to the Life Settlement Market Since 2005

Southeast Life Settlements can help you consider the exchange and settlement options for your life insurance policy. We were associated with the first company to offer a neutral and transparent market where life insurance policies could be sold efficiently and in a regulatory compliant manner. Southeast Life Settlements is dedicated to making the life settlement process easy for you.

Our Team

Carl Lettow, Jr. - Southeast Life Settlements - Savannah, GA

Carl Lettow, Jr.


Carl Lettow Jr. has been active in the insurance industry since 1960. He served as a board member of the Georgia State Association of Life Underwriters. Carl also served as the…

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Robert Campbell - Southeast Life Settlements - Savannah, GA

Robert Campbell


Robert M. Campbell graduated from Georgia Southern University with a BBA in Finance. He has over 11 years of banking, insurance, investment, and retirement planning experience. Since 2011, he has…

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Our Guarantee

At Southeast Life Settlements, we understand the importance of confidentiality. With our many years of helping both sellers and financial professionals, we guarantee the following:

  • Our life settlements are open to only qualified financial institutions.
  • We match the correct buyers based on the policy owners state of residency.

Relationship with Lisa

We are members of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA). At Southeast Life Settlements, we respect the clients we serve by following the most trustworthy measures available in our industry.

Southeast Life Settlements is compliant with HIPAA laws and we maintain the confidentiality of all personal, financial, health, and medical information.