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Helping You Assist Your Client

Previously, the only known purchasers of life insurance policies were the issuing insurance companies. Therefore, insurance companies had the power to establish the market value of the policy, also known as the cash surrender value. The cash surrender value doesn’t offer any incentive for returning contracts that are no longer needed or have become too expensive. Consequently, many policies lapse before a death claim. Billions of dollars are lost each year.

We provide fast and efficient access to life settlement solutions and policies.

Southeast Life Settlements helps financial advisors prevent their clients’ life insurance policies from lapsing. We help you collaborate with the secondary life insurance market and ensure that you stay compliant with regulatory guidelines. You will benefit from increased customer value, reduced transaction cost, and added efficiency during the settlement process.

Be Your Client’s Life Insurance Guide

Advising your client to sell their policy as a life settlement can be beneficial for both of you. The following are a few reasons it might be beneficial to advise your client on choosing the life settlement option:

Competitive Differentiation
Turning your client’s unwanted policy into cash can help show that you’re a strong financial advisor.

Better Relationships
You can become known as a trusted advisor for holistic financial planning.

New Clients
By providing your client with expert advice you build a trusted relationship with them that often leads to referrals.

Gain the Trust of Family Members
By providing multiple options to your client you can build a trusting relationship with you and their family members.

Southeast Life Settlements provides fast and efficient access to the life settlement marketplace.

We work with the most reputable and knowledgeable life settlement providers. If you have a client interested in a life settlement, we can assist you with the process. We are here to advise you and make the process as easy and transparent as possible. We want what is best for you. Check your client’s policy below to see what it is worth.